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Laparoscopic Cecal Wedge Resection Appendectomy

Marco Fisichella, MD, MBA, FACS
VA Boston Healthcare System; Ciro Andolfi, MD
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

1. Introduction

2. Incision

  1. Place Veress Needle and Insufflate the Abdomen
  2. Insert First Laproscope Trocar and Sleeve
  3. Make Second Incision
  4. Insert Second Laparoscope Trocar and Sleeve
  5. Make Third Incision
  6. Insert Third Laparoscope Trocar and Sleeve

3. Viewing of Abdominal Organs

4. Transection

  1. Isolate Appendix from Mesoappendix
  2. Ligate Appendiceal Artery
  3. Cuff the Colon
  4. Excise the Appendix
  5. Remove Appendix via Specimen Bag

5. Viewing of Polyp

6. Hemostasis

7. Closure

8. Discussion