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Institutional Subscriptions

Wondering if your institution is already subscribed to JOMI? Check out our list of subscribing institutions here.

How Can My Institution Subscribe to JOMI?

To secure an institutional subscription, please send your inquiry to [email protected].

How is JOMI Priced?

The pricing is custom-tailored for each institution in an effort to match price with value of JOMI.  Therefore, the purchase can be made for i) an entire institution, ii) by department, iii) for specific users, or any combination thereof. 

Detailed analytics are provided to customers and, upon renewal, the price is adjusted to reflect usage patterns.

How is Access Managed?

JOMI access can be controlled via:

i) IP addresses
ii) email domains (ex: "")

We recommend that users are encouraged to create accounts for easy off-site access, especially from mobile devices.  Users can use Social Logins for easy access.

For more information, please see the Subscriber Handbook.

Emergency Access

JOMI was created to improve outcomes. Therefore, If your institution does not have the resources or budget to subscribe at our normal rate, we will work within the limitations that your institution faces to ensure access to our content.

Individual Subscriptions

To purchase an individual subscription, please go here.