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Parotid Dissection (Cadaver)

Ramon M Esclamado, MD, MS, C. Scott Brown, MD
Duke University Medical Center
  1. Incision
    1. Malignant Tumor
    2. Benign Tumor
  2. Raising the Flap
    1. Dissect Great Auricular Nerve
    2. Dissect Above Band of Dense Connective Tissue
  3. Identification of Tragal Pointer
    1. Expose Tragal Pointer
  4. Identify Digastric Tendon
  5. Cut Through Parotid Fascia
    1. Identify Artery
    2. Identify Facial Nerve
  6. Dissect Superficially Along Facial Nerve
    1. Follow Superficial Temporal Vessels
    2. Identify Lower Division
  7. Deep Lobe
    1. Mobilize the Nerve
    2. Control Superficial Temporal Vessels
    3. Find Terminal Branch of External Carotid
    4. Dissect Parotid from Posterior Border of Mandible
    5. Free Deep Lobe from the Styloid